Moving On From People

This has been one of the most heart breaking parts of my life. I never really liked change when I was growing up, so I always had the same friends, acquaintances and boyfriend. Up until I was about 19, it was all good then it was like BAMB people dropping left and right. its just life,  we change. We experience situations that change who we are for forever.. We are adults now, moving in our own direction in life. Resisting it makes it worse though, change is necessary to bring better in. Its our first time truly letting go though… I whole heartedly believe that is one of the lessons we learn first. People are not what they seem to be when real life hits. Or again, people change and do not have the same heart they once did. It is okay to move on from people and situations that are not benefiting you or making you happy & simply just not the same. Now if you’re like me, you are an awesome person and people make it so hard on you, because they make you feel GUILTY!!!! No no no, not anymore. You see, people know when you have a big heart and that is THEIR WAY of taking advantage of you. Think outside the box, if you suddenly feel  as if you should not be around certain people it is simple DO NOT DO IT. This is your intuition….

Anyway, all I can say is get used to it, love it and embrace it! Change with people truly is a beautiful thing. Its not like you have to have a fallout with everyone or anything like that. It is just, most people serve temporary space in our life. But we all learn and grown from each and every one of them. Each person and situation brings out a new side to us we have yet to explore. Other people help us discover ourselves. So much opportunities and happiness in the world due to new experience if you just open yourself to it.


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” People Never Want To Be Apart Of The Process, But The Outcome. “

In my journey to bettering myself, I have come to realize the people closest to you, the ones who claim you. Do NOT support at all.

They will be online all day, and you KNOW they seen your post, but yet they scroll right pass it. Or they support others that they do not even know in person. Matter of fact is a lot of people are too content with just getting by in life, and staying where they have been their whole life. So of course they do not want to see you move up in life. I have personally decided to cut most people off because of that.  Success is starting to sound like what many before has said “its a lonely road.” It can get hard sometimes, well for me anyways. I actually wanted to come up with people, I wanted me and all my friends to shine. But hey, not everyone has the same heart as me.

Please take it from me, get away from all negative sources if you want to get where you are heading in life. People half fucking with you and playing cool to get they little perks is not good for YOU. Sometimes, God WILL block your blessings simply because you have the wrong people around. If they are not going to support you, get away. Why should others benefit from your hard work? Especially if they can’t even hit the like button for you…

Your strong enough to do it on your own. Wait. And be patient. What’s for you will come your way. Keep your standards and boundaries high. Never settle.

Do Not Let Other People And Situations Effect Your Day!

I have come to realize that most people let others effect their mood an lives in so many ways. I need you all to realize how much power you are truly giving away. When someone is bothering you, down talking you, making you feel less of yourself, doing whatever they can in their power to bring you down. That person has their own inner demons that they are dealing with. You know like the kids at school that are always acting up, always the most misbehaved ones.. But they have the saddest stories and you can see why they would act out? Well, adults are no different ha I guess they are because no one has sympathy for their outcry’s. You see what others project onto you is not your problem, so why pick it up and take that negative energy with you for the day?

I’ll give you an example…

A friend and I were at a fast food place one afternoon, as we pulled up he had noticed that there were no sauces. So he politely asked the lady if he could have a few, she must of been having a bad day or something. Because man… her reaction was so ugly, she gave him the ugliest attitude, I mean talking under her breath and everything. So now because of her shitty ass mood with whatever she got goin on is rubbed off on him.. He all mad because of how she reacted towards him. He basically felt like “wtf I do.” So I had to check him real quick like why are you letting this girl who clearly has her own issues going on ruin your mood!!?

So, that is what I wanted to tell y’all I feel like so many people get caught up in trying to be ugly back. Like nah so and so ain’t gon’ talk to me like that.. But all your doing is adding more darkness (ugliness) to the world. We need more people to be the bigger person and just walk away from people. You do not need to live life always giving a reaction, you just wasted your energy and it’s like on what. Be more conscious of what you let around your space. We are all grown people know what their intentions are, and what they are doing. You do not need to always approach a situation, just distance yourself from places and people who bring about the negativity.

I know I am rambling but….

Seriously, do not let other people effect your day. “What if they talk about my mother and my mother is dead?” I can assure you, karma will deal with ugly people and you need not to waste your energy on such things. I know sometimes people can touch soft spots or we have our own inner demons that get triggered as well. But like I always say be the light. If someone has to go so low to make you feel bad it is truly only a reflection on how they feel inside themselves. Why let their misery into your life.

Please keep this in mind the next time you argue with a family member, close friend, and you know all the haterssss on the internet. People gon talk, and people gon try to bring you down (to THEY level) be strong enough to understand it is not your problem, but theirs.


– The Revolution Is Within You ;

So many people causing more chaos with their riots, movements and rally’s. I get that most individuals are hoping for a positive outcome, and looking to make a change, but that is not what it is doing. No one is taking a look at the real problem, like how we even got to this point in society. How come the population does not take a look at themselves before they try and say what is wrong with the world? For a long time ( especially being “woke” ) I was so depressed looking around the world. I was in shock of how us humans can live in a world so cold with no passion and care for others. When you turn on the news all you see is robbery’s, go on Facebook someone else lost their life, the list goes on. I do not think anyone thought that changing themselves would actually change the world. But I am here to tell you that it WILL. We live in a conscious collective, (shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operates as a unifying force within society) that shapes the way the world as a whole is in general. Now as you all know I am very, very into my spirituality, so I am only reiterating things I have learned on my own and from others. So why not change yourself. I can sound crazy and like a conspiracy theorist all day.. but the matter of fact is everything you have been taught from birth is a lie, and you need to start questioning yourself and how you view the world to take your power back. Anyways, let me stop rambling. The only TRUE way to change the world is by changing yourself.  I did not know how true it was until I actually followed the advice. Then it all clicked for me, once I started living my life differently and having positive results as well, more people were interested and curious as to who, what, where, when and why. This was my way to reel people in and give them a little knowledge they had not known before. And surprisingly I noticed I was affecting A LOT , A LOT OF PEOPLE! You can not change others and you can not change the world, you also can not control others. All you can do is stay true to yourself and live as an example of what you want to see in the world. It doesn’t matter if people accept it or not, what matters is that YOU live by the book. Eventually, what you do rubs off on others. Be the light, it can be so hard because this journey takes a lot of work. You can’t run from yourself, you start seeing where your the negative energy in situations and more importantly where you are not shit at. This requires you to become honest with yourself on a good and bad level. The process changes your mentality though, turning it into a more positive outlook, you can finally see where you have been sabotaging yourself. Self love was the best part about it all. I am only one year in and do you see how much I have changed? I am no where near who or what I used to be or stand for. Yes, I lost people in the process, but I found myself. Now I inspire other people all around the world. Just imagine had I never went down this road, what would I of done to all the people I did come across? This love and light is a domino effect. This is a spiritual battle y’all and the darkness has been winning for to long, although its not easy… Learn where your darkness is and polish it so you then can pass on the knowledge. And of course practice what you have learned so people can watch you, then we have created another cycle of light. Makes sense right…


This lovely entity came knocking at my door today, trying to get me to give up on myself and second guess my dreams. But I am going to keep pushing through this. It just gets so hard sometimes, putting everything on myself. I look around and everyone already has so much accomplished or the tools needed to get them there. Then I take a look at myself like how can I possibly get to where I am going when I do not even have the basics? And I know there are many others of you out there who feel the same way. Please do not give up on yourself. For me, I know in the long run as long as I keep my faith everything will work out the way I envision it. You see when you are chasing dreams that society seems to not care about , it feels like the world is on your shoulders. Waiting for the day that your passion turns into your life purpose. Wondering if it will ever even turn into that. It takes work, a lot of it and for 2017 I will dedicate myself to all the goals I made for myself. Though I will not be so hung on the results. Because I feel like that is where people tend to mess up; is to constantly think about the outcome and try to set it in stone. And when that does not happen they feel as if they failed. All you need to focus on is your goals. The end result will be whatever it is destined to be as well as what energy your putting into it. You will never know how far you can get if you keep giving up. Keep trying, keep pushing and keep pursing. Discouragement is getting left behind!

An Introduction

As I pondered what I was going to be about and brand myself as, “An Introduction” seemed to fit just right. So many people ask, well what exactly are you doing, and the answer is I truly do not know. My heart is always pulling in so many places. My thoughts endlessly consuming me, modeling, creating my own products, writing poems, dancing, making music, being a public speaker, create a business, start a revolution & the list goes on. Then I was like well, why can’t I do it all? So that is what I am going to do! 2017 is an introduction of myself, letting creativity flow through me. Why limit myself? Let’s see what this turns into…..