Risa Marie 

09/07/1994 (23)

Born: Inglewood, CA

Raised: Phoenix, AZ

 Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Coming from a dysfunctional family and upbringing, being bullied severely, and moving out of her mothers home at just the age of 17; she has been through life. Growing up she remembers always being so full of energy. Fashion and dancing were easily her deepest passions. Never having the resources, money, or courage to fully put herself in those environments, she never pursued her dreams.  Growing up in Phoenix there were never many opportunities, but she was still set on becoming who she always wished to be. October of 2014, she was working for a daycare only making 8.45, stressed about her future and where it was heading, she would do something she never imagined doing… &’ turned to stripping to make ends meet. This is when dependency on alcohol began, leading to her popping pills & trying coke; she could not imagine herself on all those men with a sober mind. Though dancing did give her a sense of confidence. “Just going on stage in front of strangers everyday, showing your body, and also the judgement you will receive from peers and family gave me confidence because not everyone is bold enough to do that.” Ever since then she felt as if no one could tell her nothing, she was a boss. Period. Her closets friends slowly began making up lies, purposely putting her down, & treating her as if she was a nobody. She did not understand what was going on, it was like as soon as she went down the wrong path, everyone vanished..

January 28th 2015, she woke up and decided to take the few thousand she did have from dancing, to move to Atlanta, Georgia. With the purpose of taking her “dancing career” to the next level. She sold & gave away EVERYTHING she had, and started over. However, by the end of the first week in her new home, dancing became too much for her. The fast money was no longer an excuse, she could no longer do it to herself. In a panic, because she already spent half of her money on her new apartment, getting her dancing license, and buying needed products for her home; she was almost out of money. Sleeping on the floor and eating dollar tree food to make it by. She applied for hundreds of jobs, fortunately the calls were going through the roof. She got a job at a simple call center, which happened to be a blessing in disguise. Someone from the accounting department quit and they asked her if she would like to take over. So of course being the woman she is, she tried and was really good at it. After a year she did not feel like she could move up in the company she was in, so of course she was not going to settle. April 11,2016 She found the job of her dreams in a high rise office building in Buckhead, Georgia. She then signed up for school and got approved for her Bachelors Degree in Accounting with a focus in Business. 3 months later, she drops out. “My soul is calling me, waking up everyday to use my energy – to work for someone else is outrageous to me, I am not happy. I love what I do and believe I am very blessed, but it’s just not for me,”

So here we are today upcoming Model, Fashion Designer, Host & Business Woman. She is determined to be the woman she has the potential to be. Starting on YouTube she is inviting everyone into her life, to know her stories, show you her capabilities and a start to what she really wants to do in life & most importantly to watch her growth. Filming, photo shoots, editing & such she does on her own. “You know, I don’t have a mom & dad or family for that matter to take care of me, or even give me hand outs. It gets discouraging seeing everyone with the things they need to succeed, and here I am doing everything on my own.. in the long run I know it will be worth it tho.” She wants to inspire people all over the world, especially the ones from home; that your life is in your hands. It does not matter what your past is or where you come from in life, you have the potential to make all your dreams come true. & you are invited to watch the journey…

I love you guys so much!!!!!! – Ri Marie


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Whitney says:

    Its always amazing to see a story close to your own, where the woman is strong enough to push her self despite all obsticales. Great job keep pushing forward your going to be an inspiration to so many Young even older women who just need that little push towards their own success and happy future. May God bless you with everything your Heart desires. Empowered Women is a beautiful thing, keep living for you.


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