Moving On From People

This has been one of the most heart breaking parts of my life. I never really liked change when I was growing up, so I always had the same friends, acquaintances and boyfriend. Up until I was about 19, it was all good then it was like BAMB people dropping left and right. its just life,  we change. We experience situations that change who we are for forever.. We are adults now, moving in our own direction in life. Resisting it makes it worse though, change is necessary to bring better in. Its our first time truly letting go though… I whole heartedly believe that is one of the lessons we learn first. People are not what they seem to be when real life hits. Or again, people change and do not have the same heart they once did. It is okay to move on from people and situations that are not benefiting you or making you happy & simply just not the same. Now if you’re like me, you are an awesome person and people make it so hard on you, because they make you feel GUILTY!!!! No no no, not anymore. You see, people know when you have a big heart and that is THEIR WAY of taking advantage of you. Think outside the box, if you suddenly feel  as if you should not be around certain people it is simple DO NOT DO IT. This is your intuition….

Anyway, all I can say is get used to it, love it and embrace it! Change with people truly is a beautiful thing. Its not like you have to have a fallout with everyone or anything like that. It is just, most people serve temporary space in our life. But we all learn and grown from each and every one of them. Each person and situation brings out a new side to us we have yet to explore. Other people help us discover ourselves. So much opportunities and happiness in the world due to new experience if you just open yourself to it.


New Podcast Of The Day. Don’t Give Up On Yourself. | I know sometimes loosing people can make you want to give up just as much…



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