” People Never Want To Be Apart Of The Process, But The Outcome. “

In my journey to bettering myself, I have come to realize the people closest to you, the ones who claim you. Do NOT support at all.

They will be online all day, and you KNOW they seen your post, but yet they scroll right pass it. Or they support others that they do not even know in person. Matter of fact is a lot of people are too content with just getting by in life, and staying where they have been their whole life. So of course they do not want to see you move up in life. I have personally decided to cut most people off because of that.  Success is starting to sound like what many before has said “its a lonely road.” It can get hard sometimes, well for me anyways. I actually wanted to come up with people, I wanted me and all my friends to shine. But hey, not everyone has the same heart as me.

Please take it from me, get away from all negative sources if you want to get where you are heading in life. People half fucking with you and playing cool to get they little perks is not good for YOU. Sometimes, God WILL block your blessings simply because you have the wrong people around. If they are not going to support you, get away. Why should others benefit from your hard work? Especially if they can’t even hit the like button for you…

Your strong enough to do it on your own. Wait. And be patient. What’s for you will come your way. Keep your standards and boundaries high. Never settle.


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