Do Not Let Other People And Situations Effect Your Day!

I have come to realize that most people let others effect their mood an lives in so many ways. I need you all to realize how much power you are truly giving away. When someone is bothering you, down talking you, making you feel less of yourself, doing whatever they can in their power to bring you down. That person has their own inner demons that they are dealing with. You know like the kids at school that are always acting up, always the most misbehaved ones.. But they have the saddest stories and you can see why they would act out? Well, adults are no different ha I guess they are because no one has sympathy for their outcry’s. You see what others project onto you is not your problem, so why pick it up and take that negative energy with you for the day?

I’ll give you an example…

A friend and I were at a fast food place one afternoon, as we pulled up he had noticed that there were no sauces. So he politely asked the lady if he could have a few, she must of been having a bad day or something. Because man… her reaction was so ugly, she gave him the ugliest attitude, I mean talking under her breath and everything. So now because of her shitty ass mood with whatever she got goin on is rubbed off on him.. He all mad because of how she reacted towards him. He basically felt like “wtf I do.” So I had to check him real quick like why are you letting this girl who clearly has her own issues going on ruin your mood!!?

So, that is what I wanted to tell y’all I feel like so many people get caught up in trying to be ugly back. Like nah so and so ain’t gon’ talk to me like that.. But all your doing is adding more darkness (ugliness) to the world. We need more people to be the bigger person and just walk away from people. You do not need to live life always giving a reaction, you just wasted your energy and it’s like on what. Be more conscious of what you let around your space. We are all grown people know what their intentions are, and what they are doing. You do not need to always approach a situation, just distance yourself from places and people who bring about the negativity.

I know I am rambling but….

Seriously, do not let other people effect your day. “What if they talk about my mother and my mother is dead?” I can assure you, karma will deal with ugly people and you need not to waste your energy on such things. I know sometimes people can touch soft spots or we have our own inner demons that get triggered as well. But like I always say be the light. If someone has to go so low to make you feel bad it is truly only a reflection on how they feel inside themselves. Why let their misery into your life.

Please keep this in mind the next time you argue with a family member, close friend, and you know all the haterssss on the internet. People gon talk, and people gon try to bring you down (to THEY level) be strong enough to understand it is not your problem, but theirs.



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