– The Revolution Is Within You ;

So many people causing more chaos with their riots, movements and rally’s. I get that most individuals are hoping for a positive outcome, and looking to make a change, but that is not what it is doing. No one is taking a look at the real problem, like how we even got to this point in society. How come the population does not take a look at themselves before they try and say what is wrong with the world? For a long time ( especially being “woke” ) I was so depressed looking around the world. I was in shock of how us humans can live in a world so cold with no passion and care for others. When you turn on the news all you see is robbery’s, go on Facebook someone else lost their life, the list goes on. I do not think anyone thought that changing themselves would actually change the world. But I am here to tell you that it WILL. We live in a conscious collective, (shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operates as a unifying force within society) that shapes the way the world as a whole is in general. Now as you all know I am very, very into my spirituality, so I am only reiterating things I have learned on my own and from others. So why not change yourself. I can sound crazy and like a conspiracy theorist all day.. but the matter of fact is everything you have been taught from birth is a lie, and you need to start questioning yourself and how you view the world to take your power back. Anyways, let me stop rambling. The only TRUE way to change the world is by changing yourself.  I did not know how true it was until I actually followed the advice. Then it all clicked for me, once I started living my life differently and having positive results as well, more people were interested and curious as to who, what, where, when and why. This was my way to reel people in and give them a little knowledge they had not known before. And surprisingly I noticed I was affecting A LOT , A LOT OF PEOPLE! You can not change others and you can not change the world, you also can not control others. All you can do is stay true to yourself and live as an example of what you want to see in the world. It doesn’t matter if people accept it or not, what matters is that YOU live by the book. Eventually, what you do rubs off on others. Be the light, it can be so hard because this journey takes a lot of work. You can’t run from yourself, you start seeing where your the negative energy in situations and more importantly where you are not shit at. This requires you to become honest with yourself on a good and bad level. The process changes your mentality though, turning it into a more positive outlook, you can finally see where you have been sabotaging yourself. Self love was the best part about it all. I am only one year in and do you see how much I have changed? I am no where near who or what I used to be or stand for. Yes, I lost people in the process, but I found myself. Now I inspire other people all around the world. Just imagine had I never went down this road, what would I of done to all the people I did come across? This love and light is a domino effect. This is a spiritual battle y’all and the darkness has been winning for to long, although its not easy… Learn where your darkness is and polish it so you then can pass on the knowledge. And of course practice what you have learned so people can watch you, then we have created another cycle of light. Makes sense right…


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